Marine fuels & lubricants
Regardless of the suply location and the required product specifications, you can rely on Alfa Victor Sierra as your single point of access for satisfying your demand for marine fuels & lubricants.

In formal partnership with and on behalf of Transoil, an international marine fuels & lubricants trading house with a decades-long track record, we source and market oil petroleum products for marine applications. 
Catering to your bunkering needs
AVS Fuels grants you access to a worldwide network of established suppliers delivering the full range of marine fuel & lubricant specifications. Whether products need to be originated from the busiest trading hubs in Southeast Asia or from some of the least liquid markets in West Africa, we are our clients' one-stop bunkering shop.
  1. Service quality
    Our commitment is to deliver a personalised service and to remain available 24/7. From initial enquiry to beyond physical supply, we aim for continuous assurance of client satisfaction.
  2. Geographical coverage
    We satisfy clients' bunkering needs regardless of vessel position by overcoming the logistical challenges that often hinder the feasibility of taking safe and timely delivery of marine fuels & lubricants in remote locations.
  3. Responsiveness
    Mindful that at sea there are no such things as office hours or holidays, AVS Fuels aim to respond to your enquiries without delay. Our network of trusted suppliers enjoy a long track record of safe, timely and accurate delivery of quality marine fuels & lubricants.
  4. Competitive pricing
    Despite that our business partners and clients endeavour to compete through quality rather than merely through price, cost pressures are inevitable. Therefore, it is our duty towards our clients is to price competitively.
  5. Market guidance
    AVS Fuels is not here just to market marine fuels & lubricants: it is also here to provide you with continuous market data and commentary for improving our clients' understanding of the bunkering market.
  6. Creativity
    We are committed to being a source of ideas for satisfying our clients' bunkering needs over an extended time horizon comprising of multiple product deliveries in major hubs priced via index-linked formulae, amongst other creative arrangements for managing risk.